Brother Printer won’t print

Brother Printer is well-recognized globally for manufacturing and selling a wide range of printers that are well-equipped with advanced technology and incredible features. However, being machinery, bugs and errors are also associated with the same. Amongst the users of across the globe, the most significant and common problem related to the device is Brother Printer won’t print. Honestly, there could be innumerable possible reasoning behind the issue and only if you understand it you will be able to find solutions for the same. In this blog, not only we will be discussing on the reasons and causes, but we will also highlight the basic solutions that can help you out in dealing with the problems permanently.

Why my Brother Printer won’t print properly?

So, before we directly jump on to the solutions and enlist the troubleshooting guide, let’s read and understand the causes that affect the print functionality of the device.

  •      If the printer driver is of older version
  •         If the installation of the driver has been done improperly
  •         If the device is not connected to a stable source of internet
  •         If the printer has clogged nozzles
  •         If the printer is facing the paper jamming problem repeatedly
  •         If the device has improperly installed cartridges
  •         If the cartridges are empty
  •         If the wireless setup has not been done in a correct manner
  •         If the manual guide is not being followed and the time of downloading and installing the driver

The solutions:             

Check the connectivity.

One of the main reasons for the Brother printer not printing anything could be problems with the printer's connectivity to the computer.

For this,

  • If you are using a USB printer, try to re-plug the cable to the computer or use another USB port on your computer, as the last USB port could be defective.
  • If you are using a wireless printer, make sure both the printer and the computer are connected to the same Wi-Fi network.
  • If the fix mentioned earlier did not work, try the following method.
  • Make sure the Brother printer is set as the default device.
  • Your computer may always use the default printer to print. It could be that the Brother printer is not set as a default. Here's how to change the setting.

Step 1 - Press the Windows logo key and R simultaneously on your keyboard to invoke the run command.

Step 2 - Type out "control" in the field and press "OK."

Step 3 -  The "All Control Panel Items" will open. Here change the view option to "small icons" from the "View by" drop-down list. Then click on "Devices and Printers".

Step 4 - Right-click on your Brother printer in the Devices and Printers window and select "Set as default printer."

This fix didn't work? Try the other option mentioned below.

Restarting the Printer Spooler service

The Brother printer will not receive the print jobs if the Printer Spooler service is dysfunctional. It is also helpful if Brother Printer won't print black or colour printouts:

Step 1 - Open the run box by pressing the Windows logo key and R simultaneously.

Step 2 - Type in "services.msc" and proceed with "OK."

Step 3: - The "Services" window opens, where you right-click on the "Print spooler" option and simply select "restart".

Step 4 - After the Print Spooler Service is restarted, again right-click on "Print Spooler", and this time, press "Properties".

Step 5: - The "Print Spooler Properties" window appears; under "startup type," select "Automatic" and press "OK."

Using other programmes to print

It can be that the Brother printer is not working on specific programs. You can test it by changing the programmes you are currently using to print. If the printer starts working, the problem lies with the application you have been using to print, for which you can reach out to the vendor. But if the problem persists, there's one last fix, which might work even if Brother Printer Deep Sleep Won't Print issues occur.

Factory resetting the printer

As a last resort, if none of the above-provided solutions works, factory resetting your printer might help.

However, this action will reset the printer settings and clear all archives.

Different models of Brother Printers have additional steps for resetting, and you can check the official documentation for the same. If Brother Printer Won't Print even after trying the above-given hacks, ensure that you have taken quick help from the experts.

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